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The TFX 4 represents the entry-level style in the FIVE Trail-Adventure range Accessible, because it's inexpensive, easy to wear, and meets all your basic needs for paved or dirt-road use. Lightweight, comfortable, and sleek, it is nevertheless quite protective, with its dual ErgoProtech soft shell and wide aramid fibre panel covering nearly half of the synthetic leather palm. A silicone print on the index and middle fingers improve your grip on the controls in wet conditions. The use of water-repellent fabric on the zone around the protective shells allows the water to slide over this area, in case you get splashed when you cross a river or get peppered by unexpected light rainfall. The TFX4 is, admittedly, not weatherproof, but this makes it even more versatile.

Five Gloves TFX4 - Brown

R1 150,00Price
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