100% Goggles


100% Goggles is one of the leading goggle manufactured in the world. They have developed the 100% brand for use of racing and Adventure motorcycles. 100% Goggle provided the rider with comfortable fitment around the face and accurate vision.

  • Outriggers is designed for perfect fit and to keep balance in tacked.
  • Nose guard removes for protection and stability
  • Inner padding – designed to absorb moisture for ultimate performance
  • Lens – 100% goggles is treated with anti-fog materials for accurate vision
  • Strap – 100% has improved their design with a silicone coat on the 45mm strap to prevent sliding of the strap
  • Attachment of the Lens – 100% has redesign the attachment to a 9pin lens for a detention system
  • Air intake – 100% designed a new way to allow air intake into the foam of the goggles to ensure moisture control -  this patent is still pending