Garmin Zumo 595 LM:

The Garmin Zumo 595LM has the same technology as the Zumo 395LM. There are only a few change that sets the Zumo 595LM and Zumo 395LM apart. The Zumo 595LM also comes with glove friendly, sunlight readable screen and a rating of IPX7 (waterproof for 1meter up to 30min). The casing of the Zumo 595LM is also smash proof making it the perfect choice for dual purpose adventure riding. The Garmin Zumo 595LM has the electronic features like Bluetooth connect to make hands free calling, listening to directions and music. The Zumo 595LM will also alert you as rider of points of interests like tourist attractions, fuel stops and restaurants. 

The only real difference is that the Zumo 595LM has a new notification that will display your social media notifications and your incoming messages. You can view the traffic reports and get updates straight from your Zumo 595LM. When entering an Hotspot area you can listen to online music through the Zumo 595LM. There is also a live tracking location sharing option, to let loved ones know your still okay or for the EMD to resue you.

The Zumo 595 LM comes with free life time map upgrades. It can be used with the Garmin tire pressure monitoring system. It also can be used with the Garmin Virb action camera.