Discontinued motorcycle products

These products are unfortunately no longer available.

DMD Kalahari Jackets

The Leatt-Brace is an injection produced glass reinforced nylon or carbon fiber and Kevlar neck brace system designed by medical professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts to help prevent: Hyperflexion: Extreme forward head movement Hyperextension:

  Macna Oasis Jackets   Features:   ·         Made from strong C-touch with ballistic reinforcements on shoulders & elbows. ·     &

  SuperVent Airflow jackets   Cordura known for outstanding wear performance and lightweight toughness has been combined with a fine weave mesh to keep you cool and comfortable.   The DMD SuperVent features 2 types of

ARC Dual Purpose Adventure Helmet

Koako Big Traveller Soft Bag

Kaoko Weekender Soft Luggages

Kaoko Tent or Water Bottle Bag

Koako First Aid Bag

    Forma Bull Short MX Off-Road Boots             Leather Upper           Injection Moulded plastic protectors &nb